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CANVAS is a graphic design business, the result of a collaboration between Judson and his wife Yasmin Vereen. At Canvas there is a clear predilection for working with artists, writers, musicians and other types of creatives. Click here to go to our Instagram.

On November 2023, Judson gave an interview about CANVAS to CanvasRebel.

Judson Vereen canvasgd_edited.jpg

What’s the backstory behind how you came up with the idea for your business?

Being a writer since a very young age, the impact that a well-designed book cover can offer to my personal projects was always a great concern. I started to design the covers of my books myself, and being an artist that worked with elements of collage and text, I found that I had all the inspiration necessary to become good at this book cover design. Later, I started working with my wife Yasmin, and together we founded Canvas Graphic Design – a business specifically created to help artists. With our passion for cinema, music and literature, we started to connect with artists because of the personal understanding of the value that they put in their projects. This later extended to album covers and key art for films as well.

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And now you can appreciate some of Canvas' best designs. Click to enlarge image.

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