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Judson Vereen by Yasmin Vereen.png

Judson Vereen is a multidisciplinary artist and author born in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. His work in painting includes, but is not limited to, large scale abstractions, collage works, and assemblage. Drawing from the New York School and the abstract expressionists, Vereen creates brooding, emotional works that function as the artist's living diary.


Additionally, he is the author of two books of poetry, Like a Bird Knows To Sing62 Poems from Judson Vereen, and American Pleasure. Vereen is currently working on several book projects, including Notes on a Full Life, a biography of his father Henry Stacy Vereen, and Critical Essays, a collection of essays on culture, society and politics.


The artist also released a full album of recorded songs on which he sings and plays guitar, and acted in Vacation, a 2014 short film that won critical acclaim and was featured in several film festivals, including the New Filmmakers Festival in Los Angeles. Vereen is currently directing a feature-length film in collaboration with his wife.


Judson Vereen has lived in Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and currently lives with his wife Yasmin Vereen in Brasil. Vereen is part of an increasingly rare group of autodidact artists - he has never attended art school and has no academic training. This website serves as a compendium of all his creative efforts.

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